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[Fate]Remaking an old edit of mine - Trying to make it good this time ...

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Hello to everyone!
Here is my Fate edit that I'm trying to revive it for some time xD .
It's a re-edit of my old edit. I want to make it better and 'correct' this time. When I made it it was my third or forth edit haha .

I know about the film burns, I spammed them too much, I'll remove most of them.
I'm still thinking about the lyrics at the beginning. I wanted to make like a conversation between Kiritsugu and Shiro with flash backs and stuff like that.
About the action parts. I want to keep the first part with Fate Zero and in the second part to continue it with Fate Stay and at the end to combine those 2.

The action part isn't done yet and I'm having problems with scenes selection and maintain the fast rhythm ...

Any feedback and ideas are welcomed . waiting....

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