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Rules to post an AMV

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1Rules to post an AMV Empty Rules to post an AMV on Sun May 07, 2017 7:21 pm


I'm making these rules to improve the search system and introduce categories with the Hashtag.

We use the hashtag system in this forum, therefor please submit your amv's following this default style:

  • Title - whatever you prefer, description same

  • Content shall have

    1. AMV Name (unless it is on the title already)

    2. Hashtag with the category
    3. Optional: The name of the song (if it is on the amv credits, there's no need
    4. Optional: Your description about it, or your "say" about it


Title: AMV - Tendencies
Description: My Entry for Iberanime 2017

This was my entry for Iberanime 2017! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did editing it! Smile
You'll find the credits on the end of the video.

#Fun #Romance

Hashtags I advise using:
#Comedy or #Fun  #Romance  #Crossover  #Dance or #Upbeat  #Drama  #Horror  #Ecchi  #M@D  #MMV (manga)
  #Psychedelic  #OriginalAnimation  #GMV (Game)

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